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The Lonely Wild own the night @ The Satellite LA for the release of “The Sun As It Comes”

by Diana Forgione

The Lonely Wild took stage Friday evening at The Satellite. Who clearly owned the night, pleasing an adoring turn out. We were gifted enough to hear their new, full length, LP album “Sun as it Comes” which will be in full release April 2nd . Cultivated in the flowing set we experienced Grind house style tracks such as  “Buried In Murder” and “Keep Us Whole” echoing an all or nothing desert scene in a gritty Tarrentino film.   While Gospel and melodic harmonies between Andrew Carroll and Jessi Williams guide us back from the dust-trailed mirage. While there were intense moments through out the preview of Lonely Wild’s new album, they also managed to show a softer sensual side with their new song “Closer than a Needle” and throwback to there EP Dead End with favorited track “Hail”.  Members at The Satellite Show were swaying to and from each stricken chord. One young woman threw her hair back in the blue light, pointing her finger to the roof to each drumbeat like a constellation in the sky. Of course there were the few no shame listeners though, who seemed as if they were re-enacting a Charlie Brown dance party. They closed this fulfilling show with a provocative and audacious rendition of “Personal Jesus” and a chilling acapella piece to bid the bountiful turn out good night. The Lonely Wild truly express and represent their Bands name definition to a tee, and their performance at the Satellite only reiterates it.

- Video taken by Nicole Taher

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